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Poultry Heaters Ltd not only supply heaters. Our services can include the supply and installation of gas pipework and the testing and commissioning of the whole heating system on completion.

Zephyr range

MarlisConcept has developed a series of poultry and livestock heaters that are efficient and economical to use. The Zephyr heater is a traditional "box" heater but with added features, such as built-in lifting handles to assist when hanging heaters.

Zephyr 73

Zonda range

The Zonda range of heaters make use of stainless steel construction to prevent rust. To assist with maintaining a good atmosphere in the poultry house, the larger Zonda 130 is able to be fitted with flexible trunking to draw fresh combustion air from outside the building.

Zonda 60 Zonda 130

Aura Range

Aura canopy brooders have been cleverly designed so that the canopy can be attached without the use of screws or bolts, meaning that no tools are required for fitment. The large air filter is designed to keep the burner clean and dust-free to ensure maximum burner performance

Aura Brooder


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